The Student Retention Center serves the campus community by providing comprehensive retention services to aid students from minoritized backgrounds.

All projects housed within the SRC providing one-on-one counseling services (academic counseling, writing coaching, math tutoring and fitness/health counseling) and workshop programs with a focus on culturally relevant education and community-based approach to academic success.


The Campus Retention Committee (CRC) oversees the funding, evaluation, and operations of the Student Retention Center (SRC). The Student Retention Center (SRC) is the first student-initiated, student-run retention center in the nation. The projects and services within the SRC are designed to assist undergraduate students with academic difficulties as well as cultural and social transition to the college environment.

The SRC houses five projects that specialize in serving specific communities that have been historically impacted by low retention rates. Each project offers peer counseling, mentorship, and internship services. Additional programmatic opportunities are available in the areas of gender & sexuality counseling and wellness programs. The SRC also houses  the Writing Success Program, a writing coaching program designed to help undergraduate students improve their writing confidence and aid them with the academic writing process. Aside from the projects, the SRC also supports supplemental services such as the Test Bank, the CPO Computer Lab, a nightly Study Hall, the Commuter Van Ride Service, the CPO Food Closet, and liaison office ours with representatives and counselors from campus-wide entities such as the Financial Aid Office, the Honors Program, and the Academic Advancement program.

The SRC has been instrumental in recognizing and addressing these critical issues through the Student Retention Center projects. In doing so, the SRC has been successful in increasing retention and graduate rates among students from communities with a history of low UCLA graduation rates.

The projects receives funding through successful student referendum measures approved in 1969, 1990, 1993, 1999, 2005, 2009, and 2016. The Campus Retention Committee administers funding, evaluates projects, and oversees operations for the SRC.

Retention services

All services provided by the Student Retention Center are open to all undergraduate students.

Peer Counseling

Bruin Readmission Program (BRP)

Internship & Mentorship Programs


Study Hall Services

Campus Retention Committee

The CRC serves as the university-wide funding body that oversees the funding process as well as evaluation and assessment for the projects and services housed within the SRC.

SRC Projects

Academic Support Program (ASP)

Project Coordinator: Samone Anderson

Improving, Nurturing & Sustaining Pacific Islander Retention & Education (INSPIRE)

Project Coordinator: Theodore Malepeai

MEChA Calmecac

Project Coordinator: Lalo Velazquez

Retention of American Indians Now! (RAIN!)

Project Coordinator: Avory Wyatt

Southeast Asian Campus Learning and Education and Retention (SEACLEAR)

Project Coordinator: Tiffany Do

Samahang Pilipino Education & Retention (SPEAR)

Project Coordinator: Paloma Dimaya Doreza

Writing Success Program (WSP)

Project Coordinator: Sam Magpusao