About [FITTED]


[FITTED] is a student-initiated, student-run retention project operating under the Community Programs Office (CPO). Rooted in the CPO’s framework of social justice and equity for all, FITTED’s efforts on-campus aim to raise awareness and consciousness of holistic health – a main indicator of student retention. FITTED accomplishes this through free group exercise classes, personal training, on- and off-campus workshops that encourage active lifestyles, and a weekly drop-in session [FITTED EATS] that features education and discussions on nutrition, wellness, and healthier living. Understanding that there is a correlation between socio-economic status and access to health resources, FITTED’s presence on campus aims to bridge that gap to ensure students from underprivileged backgrounds still have an opportunity to take control of their health.

For more information, please email thinkfitted@cpo.ucla.edu.

Our Services

1. Basic [FITTED] Workouts
2. Healthy Eating Workshops
3. Community Workout Classes
4. Weekly Registered Dietician

For more information, visit our Instagram.