Rohit serves as the budget analyst and basic needs operations manager. Through his role in the business office, he oversees all purchasing and financial processing for the department. He manages our equipment inventory, depositing of donations, and processing of travel and entertainment reimbursements. Rohit is responsible for providing ledgers to the SRC and SIOC projects and overseeing printing usage and invoicing. He oversees the SIOC Mini and Yield Fund allocations and manages the volunteer tracking process. Additionally, he supports the Business Officer with budgeting and reporting.

As the basic needs operations manager, Rohit provides support to the UCLA Basic Needs Committee in the execution of its programs and initiatives on the campus. He also oversees the CPO Food Closet, the first food pantry in the UC and California university system, and works with the Associate Basic Needs Manager to supervise the basic needs coordinators who work to efficiently keep the CPO Food Closet stocked and to survey the changing needs of students who face food insecurity. In addition, he oversees the execution of the CPO Food Box programs, CPO food card program, CPO Bruin Meals program, and CPO Food Bundle program. He also is a member of the system-wide UC Basic Needs Committee, which works to advocate on behalf of all students in the UC System on issues regarding Basic Needs and Food Security.

Rohit, originally from the island of Fiji, studied Political Science at UCLA. Rohit previously served as the CPO Office Manager and Internship Director where he managed three cohorts of interns in the office internship program and all programming for the department.

Rohit was a prominent student leader at UCLA, serving in several different capacities, including: USAC Academic Affairs Commission representative to the Student Initiated Outreach Committee (SIOC); student representative to the undergraduate council of the Academic Senate; outreach coordinator for the Pacific Islands’ Students Association (PISA); vice chairperson and chairperson of the Student Initiated Outreach Committee; chairperson of the Student Activities Center Board of Governors (SACBOG); and key organizer of the Bruin Diversity Initiative of 2013, which sought to increase funding to the CRC, SIOC, and CPOSA.