Fernanda currently serves as the human resources analyst where he oversees all personnel and payroll processing for the department. She serves as the TRS Departmental Time Administrator, is responsible for the hiring of all employees and for providing ledgers to all projects housed within the department. Additionally, Fernanda supports the Business Officer with budgeting and reporting.

Richard, originally from San Bernardino, Calif., graduated from UCLA with a degree in Political Science. During his time as a UCLA student, Richard served for a year as an intern with the City of Lynwood’s Human Resources Department. He was highly involved as a UCLA undergraduate student including as a CPO intern, CPO operations assistant,  CPO leadership fellow, CPO management intern, Basic Needs Coordinator, USAC elections board chairperson, and Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) vice chairperson & chairperson.

Richard’s ultimate goal is to be a small business owner and policy maker.