April currently serves as the Internship Director and Office Manager where she oversees the First-year and transfer departmental internship program, focusing on first-generation college students’ transition to university life and the promotion of social action involvement. She also oversees all major department programming and events Additionally, April collaborates closely with the Technology & Creativity team to contribute to the department’s marketing efforts.

Prior to April’s current role, she was active in social advocacy as the Community Programs Office Student Association (CPOSA) Internal Chairperson. She also served as the Executive Director of the Leadership and Educational Advancement Program (LEAP), which provided tutoring and mentorship to underserved schools in LA. April was an Adult ESL Tutor with Project Literacy at UCLA and engaged in developmental linguistics research within the Spanish & Portuguese Department at UCLA. April earned her B.A. from UCLA, double majoring in Linguistics and Psychology, and Spanish while involved in campus and community service.

April grew up in Palmdale, CA, and identifies as Mexican with family roots in Oaxaca and Michoacán. In her leisure time, she enjoys soccer, exploring LA’s cafe culture, caring for plants, and collecting candles.